Tuesday, 13 December 2016

13th Lexember Word

táw [ˈtä͡ʊ], alienably possessed noun: “river, stream, brook; riverwater, water from the ground“

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Soothing isn’t it?

This word refers to all kinds of permanent water streams, from small ones like brooks to large rivers. Temporary water streams (due to floods, for instance), however, are not considered táw.

Interestingly, táw is not only used to refer to a water stream, but also to refer to the water in that stream itself, even once it’s been taken away from the stream. And by extension, it is also used to refer to water taken from any ground source. Such a usage is somewhat constrained, but I need tomorrow’s word to explain exactly when táw can be used to refer to water, so I’ll carry on with this explanation tomorrow. For now, I’ll just give you a short example:

Keam táw ponop pú seri! Tikwát marese: “Don’t drink directly from that river! The water’s bad.“

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